• Magnificent Antique Stone Finial

    Width of Base: 17"
    Diameter: 23"
    Height: 52"

    This antique carved limestone finial is of large, fine proportions with a flame tip and in very good condition. Beautifully weathered, this antique limestone finial has an egg and dart motif on the body with a deeply carved stylized leaf band upon its circular socle and with a square base.  Base and socle are of a later date, both are carved limestone.

    In 1805 John Nash added these finials to the parapet of porticos that he designed for Whitley Court in Worcestershire, England.  At the time, Whitley Court was one of the finest homes in the country.  It had a manor house on site as early as Saxon times.

    Today Whitley Court is still a Grade I listed building and was once one of the great houses of the Midlands. Sadly, it was devastated by a fire in 1937.

    Imported from England.

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    AQE-UJN Magnificent Antique Stone Finial