• Large Plain Stoneware Pot

    Diameter: 16"
    Height: 19"

    Large glazed decorative stoneware pot. Come in various sizes and works perfectly in any area of the garden or outdoor space.

    Salt-glazed stoneware was first made in the 1400s and it’s still being made today in the same traditional way. The glaze has a lemon peel type texture – a slightly bumpy surface which is created by the salt in the kiln.

    In salt-glazing pottery, unglazed pieces are placed in the kiln and heated to a very high temperature. Salt is then thrown into the hot kiln. The salt fumes throughout the kiln interior, and combines with the silica in the clay pottery to form a natural glaze on all the pots.

    These pieces are handmade and have natural variation to them - no two pieces are alike. Salt glazed pottery is made to be used every day; it’s extremely durable and lasts decades. During extreme cold, stoneware should be brought indoors or placed in sheltered area.

    We have several pieces that date back to the 19th century!


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    ERC-PL3 Large Plain Stoneware Pot