18th Century Dancing Faun

The Faun is a mythical creature - the Roman's twin to the Greek's Satyr.  They are both woodland creatures known to be affiliated with Bacchus (or the Greek's Dionysus).  Both versions of this God are known for wine, music, dancing, and merriment, which is why our Faun is depicted dancing and playing musical instruments.  A cymbal is in each hand and the scabellum underfoot (foot clapper) with which to keep time.

This figure is an 18th century copy of the famous Medici Faun made from marble and displayed in the Tribuna room of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence since the 17th century.  This lead statue has been attributed to John Cheere (1709-1787) and cast at the Hyde Park Corner yard.  There are three other lead Dancing Fauns in existance: at Bridge House, Castle Hill, and Rousham.

To learn more about the history of English lead ornamentation, please visit our blog.


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Additional Information

Product Code: AQE-SDF

  • Length:


  • Width:


  • Height alone:

    5 feet

  • Height on Pedestal:

    8 feet and 3 inches

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