Impressive Antique Pineapple Finials

Circa 1760, a pair of antique English monumental limestone finials, with deep carving of both pineapple body and detailed acanthus leaf surround, on round socle with square plinth. Carved during the reign of King George III (1738-1820), the king that lost the American colonies.

George III had a passion for gardening, specifically pineapples and was responsible for building many greenhouses at Windsor Castle, including a pinery. Pineapples flourished during his reign, in both architectural decoration, interiors and in greenhouses. Considered a delicacy, pineapples were the sign of a sophisticated palette. Ham House, Surrey, A National Trust property, has a monumental pair similar to these.  While considered a symbol of exclusivity in Europe, the American colonies made it a symbol of hospitality and they grace many buildings.

Imported from London, England.


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Product Code: AQE-FIN1760

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