Garden Iron Obelisk

Our search for the perfect obelisk over many years finally took us to England where we found a beautifully made, heavy, and durable obelisk. Our wrought iron obelisks are hand made and hammered in England by a family who's been blacksmithing since the late 1700's! These obelisks have elegant proportions and a heavy, sturdy frame, built to last a lifetime.

The medium obelisk weighs approx. 25lbs (60"H) and the large obelisk weighs approx. 40lbs (82"H). Both obelisks are 16 inches wide at the base. There are 3 cross bands and 4 small vertical supports to help train smaller tendrils. The obelisks in stock are hand painted black.

Price is for the Medium Obelisk. The large is $885.

This product is currently out of stock, however we would be delighted to have this piece custom made for you!

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Product Code: WS-OBS-MED

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