Classic Obelisk

Classic garden obelisk of pleasing proportions. Tapering needle. The base shaft also tapers with architectural pediments to capital. Standing over 6 feet tall, this piece would add a classic and elegant vertical element to your landscape.  Suitable for use in pairs or could be used as a focal point.

The word obelisk is Greek, from obelos meaning pointed object. An obelisk makes a fine outdoor gnomon, that can be used as a sundial or calendar, as was done by Augustus in Rome. Today, obelisks are used often as plant supports, adding a wonderful vertical element to any vegetable or flower garden. They can also be used as sculptural objects in a landscape adding interest especially in wintertime under a coat of snow.

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Additional Information

Product Code: CS-C6000

  • Needle Base width:


  • Needle height:


  • Height overall:


  • Weight:

    483 lbs

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