Griffin Bronze Armillary Sundial

Hand made bronze armillary sundial sphere with delicately pierced foliate gnomon arrow and feathers. The armillary sphere is shown with a griffin sitting on top of the sphere which rests on a bronze ship's bell. The bell base can be secured to a pedestal with a hidden rebar in the bell. The griffin decorative piece is optional. (Please note that the height of 34" does not include the gnomon's arrow).

The armillary sphere is placed on our Carved Limestone Tapered Pedestal, sold separately. 

Sundials are one of the oldest tools for measuring time. The Egyptians used a shadow stick or shadow clock as early as 1500 BC. The vertical stick or "gnomon" marked the time of day by the length and position of the stick's shadow. Gnomon in Greek means "the one that knows."

To learn more about sundials and armillaries, please visit our blog.

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Product Code: AH-GRI28G

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