Outstanding Antique Stone Trough




Massive Antique French Limestone trough        

Rare 18th century French limestone trough of enormous scale and size, rectangular in shape, used to water horses. This carved trough is beautifully aged,     as seen in the lichen and moss that are growing on the trough. This trough is hand carved and at 72 inches long, with a depth of 30 inches, one of     the largest we have seen.
A trough is usually a long, narrow, open stone container, usually box-like and most often used to feed or water animals. Troughs can be square, round,     or D-shaped. Larger D-shaped troughs were used in villages with a pump for water. The word "troh" is an old English or Saxon word similar to "trog",     which is old Norse for trough. Although most often carved out of a single block of stone some troughs were made from squares or "flags" of local stone     that was divided. Many troughs have tethering holes so that animals could be tied to them.

Stone troughs were hewn or carved from sandstone, limestone, granite, or even marble, usually a local stone. Troughs make a wonderful garden planter,         can be used as a fountain or water feature, or simply as a naturalistic focal point in the garden. Uniquely carved, no two troughs are ever the         same.



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Product Code: AQE-TRW3

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