Antique Stone Urns, Pair

Rare and unique pair of antique round carved bath stone urn planters, 18th century. Distinctive square base with lovely ridge reveal and smooth bowl with stylized Etruscan frieze around the bowl and a well delineated lip, add to their fine design and the strong overall proportion. Very old lead dowels used to secure bowl to neck. Nicely weathered and in very good condition given age and use.

Imported from England.

Bath Stone is a limestone with a unique warm honey yellow color. It has been quarried in the Bath area of England since Roman times. Bath stone is also a “freestone” – a type of stone that can be cut in any direction, unlike slate or granite which must be cut in a specific direction because of its layers. Most of the City of Bath, England is known for its Bath stone buildings, mined in Bathampton and Coombe Down. Many churches, railway stations and public buildings were constructed of Bath stone in southern England. Weathering to a warm honey color, its surface patina is often home to lichens, which do no damage and should be preserved.
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Product Code: AQE-URN-BTS

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