Medieval Urn and Base

Styled in the Regency-period this octagonal urn with single quatrefoil panels is mounted on a waisted square base. This impressive urn design lines the Rose Walk at Lambeth Palace.

Urna in Latin means a pot, jar, or vessel. Urns as garden ornaments are stately, classical, and can be made in many different materials. They are perfect alone or in pairs and can be left empty or filled with plants and greens.  

Please note: The version of the Medieval Urn and Base shown here has developed a nice weathered patina. The original color is Portland limestone. If you would like to fast forward nature, please ask us about our hand staining weathered finish.

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Additional Information

Product Code: HAD-URN-A370

  • Width of Base:


  • Width of urn:


  • Height:


  • Weight:

    330 lbs

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